According to Science, What is the Purpose of Life?

Science has traditionally been reluctant to answer ultimate questions like these. “Leave it to religion and philosophy to deal with those things,” they have often said.

However, they still like to take a crack at it! Understanding the worldview that they see things through (no God, we’re just animals), making babies makes sense. That’s what animals struggle to do. And since we are merely hairless apes….

A museun is a “cathedral of atheism”

At one of my lectures near Washington State University in Pullman, Washington someone put the following thought in my comments box: “Doesn’t it give you a wonderful feeling to know that a part of you will live on well past you?” What they meant was, “your genes will live on!” That would apparently be an atheist’s idea of eternal life. For me, I’d prefer my genes DO live on, but while I’m carrying them!