We serve pastors in a number of ways:

Seminars in your church
Dr. Hudson has conducted lecture series in more than one hundred venues.  He can typically do a weekend (Friday night and Saturday) and include topics such as Dinosaurs, the Flood and the Age of the Earth.  In rare occasions he can do longer series for public evangelistic efforts.  When working with local Christian schools (like with chapels and weeks of prayer) combined programming is possible.

Costs:  if the church is in the Pacific Northwest there would be no charge.  The only requirement for a local church would be for advertising, which is generally through SermonView.

Scheduling:  be sure to contact us as early as possible for your future needs as scheduling does fill up.

DinoDig in Wyoming
As we have done for NPUC teachers we are providing for interested pastors.  Every June Southwestern Adventist University hosts a paleontological dig in northeastern Wyoming at a world class dinosaur deposit. Learn More

Field trips                                                                 
We have taken pastoral groups to nearby Mt. St. Helens to visualize catastrophic effects and support for the Biblical Flood.  We are considering further trips to other sites including Yellowstone.

Answers to questions
Pastors get asked good questions by the people they meet, and sometimes a little help would be appreciated.  Contact us with any question regarding the science or scripture issues you may see in your ministry.  If we know of no good answer, we will be honest about that!

Recommendations on books, DVDs, internet sites
We will be giving out suggestions about what we consider to be the best books written, the best DVDs produced, and the best (and worst, for that matter!) websites to go to for further information.  We will look at both the science quality and the theology therein.  In other words, consider us your screeners!