In the Beginning…The Origin of Species 7-part DVD set for only $20!

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Investigate to common ground and conflicts between science and religion on the subject of creation, and uncover scientific evidence that points to the authority of the creation narrative. This seminar is designed for anyone interested in hearing about the current geology and archaeological studies surrounding our history and man’s origins.

God or Hydrogen – How Did it All Begin?
Dig into the theories of Darwin, Newton, and Galileo and discover challenges that still exist regarding the theory of evolution.

Where Did God Go?
If God did create the universe, then where is he? Is there evidence in nature or the world of a loving God as taught in the Bible?

Cosmic Accident or Divine Hand – Where Does the Evidence Point?
Follow the ancestry of man from Neanderthal to now. Understand the fossil record vs. the Genesis record. Learn what was discovered in the Scopes Monkey trial.

Dragons and Dinosaurs
We’ll spotlight the history of dinosaurs, their discovery, and their cause for extinction. Then we’ll look at ancient stories of dragons and an interesting report from a recent bone dig.

When was That? – How Old is the Earth?
What exactly is radiometric dating, and does it tell us the exact age of the Earth? Understand the conflicting views on this fascinating subject.

There was Water – A Global Flood
Hear the worldwide flood stories and discuss the problems with current world views. Was Noah’s ark a mythic tale? Has the ark been found?

There was Water – A Global Flood
Explore the Big Bang and the Big Crunch. Discover what science and the Bible both say is coming on the horizon.