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The Creation Study Center is designed for hands-on learning experiences. You’ll get to explore, dig and touch your way through fossils, minerals, animal furs and more.

Museum Quality Fossils
Look in to the windows of the past at the plant and animal world that was preserved in stone at the time of the flood, including teeth from monster sharks.

See a giant Camarasaurus thigh bone and other original fossils of the ancient giants.

Gem and Mineral Collection
Explore the Beauty of God’s artwork in the gem and mineral world, noting His love of color, texture and shape.

Scale Model of the Ark
Study the amazing craftsmanship of a large-scale model of the ark, complete with Noah, animal pairs and a cut-away view of the ark’s interior.

Mt. St. Helens Display
See what the famous 1980 eruption can tell us about the Genesis flood.

Kids Center
There is so much for kids to do, including digging for fossils, fun giveaways and nature lessons.

Resource Center
There is a Resource Center available for students, teachers and pastors to further study the subject of origins. It contains DVDs, journals and many books.