Many people are curious about the debate over evolution vs. creation. You can take them on a journey to investigate the common ground and conflicts between science and religion on the subject of creation, and uncover scientific evidence that points to the authority of the creation narrative. This “Preach-It” style event combines high-quality video intros and footage from scientists to combine with complete scripts and presentation slides.

ORIGINS has a unique way of providing evidence on the subject of Creation vs Evolution. With the help of scientists and scholars, Dr. Hudson’s presentations take the guest on a journey to uncover scientific evidence that directly points to the authority of the creation narrative, and learn from one of the oldest living texts in our world – the Bible. This 6-part presentation will have a live speaker while also presenting video interviews with some of today’s leading experts on Creationism.

Event Kit

Fossil Set – $129

The Creation Study Center, at the North Pacific Union Conference, has assembled a collection of fossils that can be used for this series. Quantities are limited and only available through the NPUC. To purchase, please call 360-857-7037.

1. Fossil Fern from Indiana
300,000,000 years old? Similar to today’s
2. Cambrian Trilobite from Utah
Beginning of fossil record, fully complex
3. Mosasaur Tooth from Morocco
A huge, swimming dinosaur
4. Fossil Bivalve from Morocco
400,000,000 years old? No evolution!
5. Fossil Fish from Wyoming
Billions of fish died in the Flood
6. Opalized Ammonite from Madagascar
A Nautilus-type creature; iridescent!

7. Spinosaurus Tooth from Morocco
A larger-than-T Rex predator dinosaur
8. Fossil Mako Shark Tooth from Morocco
Many shark teeth fossils have been found
9. Petrified Wood from Missouri River
Many forests were covered and preserved
10. Ash from Mt. St. Helens, Washington
From the famous 1980 eruption
11. Petrified Wood from Arizona
Beautiful reds make this fossil highly prized!

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Webinar – A new creation series for your community

A replay of NPUC’s Stan Hudson and SermonView’s Vince Williams as they provide an overview of what this series will bring to your community and share exactly what you can expect hosting your event.