We are all about education here.  It is on this battlefield where the strongest opposition is found to Bible truths for our children.  We want our teachers to have the best resources and opportunities to arm children with the facts about their special creation.  Here’s what we offer:

Chapels and Weeks of Prayer
Dr. Hudson has visited dozens of schools with illustrations of God’s amazing creative power.  He brings beautiful rocks, furs, feathers, fossils…things children can handle and learn from.  He can adjust from kindergarten to university levels.

Field Trips
Bring your entire class to visit our museum at no charge. Find out what we offer by clicking here.

Every June we take teachers to Northeastern Wyoming to Southwestern Adventist University’s dinosaur excavation  This is at a world class dinosaur bone deposit, and those participating will learn all about this world of paleontology.  This will enhance teachers’ abilities to speak on the subject to their students.  Read More

DVDs and Other Resources
There is more than you may know on the subject of origins from the Christian perspective designed for children.  We will help steer you towards those we consider the best.