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Flood and Creation Presentations
Talk to your pastor to schedule a seminar and find deeper understanding in the biblical narratives of the flood and creation.

Dr. Hudson is available to churches for a one day three-part or four-part series:

  • “In the Beginning…There Was Water”
    Hear the worldwide flood stories and discuss the problems with current world views. Was Noah’s ark a mythic tale? Has the ark be found?  And does the fossil record support evolution?
  • “A Call to Worship the God of Genesis”
    This is more a sermon and would usually be done for a morning worship.  Revelation 14:6,7 contains the last day message of coming back to the God Who created and the God Who judged;  in other words, it’s all about the God of Genesis.
  • “In the Beginning…Dragons and Dinosaurs”
    We’ll spotlight the history of dinosaurs, their discovery, and their cause for extinction. Then we’ll look at ancient stores of dragons and an interesting report from a recent bone dig.
  • “In the Beginning…When Was That?”
    What exactly is radiometric dating, and does it tell us the exact age of the Earth? Understand the conflicting views on this fascinating subject.
Sandy, Oregon

School Week of Prayer
Talk to your teacher/principal to schedule a week of prayer for students to learn the evidence there is to support the biblical account of creation and the flood.  Some topics may include hair/fur/feathers, rocks and the stars.

Dr. Hudson is available to schools for a week of prayer usually conducted on a Tuesday to Friday.

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